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Who am I?

A mental health activist, and therapist, working at Rouse Relational Wellness in San Francisco, CA. Seeing clients in person and online.

I graduated from Touro University Worldwide with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2021. I saw clients at The Liberation Institute and worked for years with San Francisco Women Against Rape.

I was an educator for over 10 years. My understanding of child development and the philosophy of learning has had a huge impact on my work as a therapist. I know what it is like to look around at life on autopilot and realize that it isn't the life that feels truly reflective of my purpose.

I work from the perspective of you being the expert in your life. My role is to help reflect those parts of yourself you've hidden from view, so that you can better understand yourself and how to implement the change that you need.
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